Quality Bolt Action Pen


This is the ideal pen for the outdoor enthusiast. It features a styled rifle clip, a cartridge replica and a copper bullet tip which should immediately appeal to the hunter. It lies comfortably in the hand and the smooth wood finish compliments the stylish design. The precision engineered, reversible bolt-action handle advances and retracts smoothly to lock the refill securely in place.

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For orders of 100 or more the pens can be made in the following kinds of wood:

  • Red Bush Willow. A hard wood brown to black, heavy, fine grained and termite resistant.
  • Rose wood is deep reddish-brown, richly streaked and grained with black.
  • Hard Pear is indigenous, hard, heavy and strong yellowish-brown wood. It is fine-textured with a wavy grain giving a characteristic rippled effect.
  • South African Teak is well-known. It is hard attractive and moderately dense.
  • Jackal Berry is not very common. It is a hard, pale reddish-brown wood. Sometimes it may be dark brown to almost black. It is close -grained and strong
  • Partridge Wood is pale brown to greyish-yellow wood, with light -coloured bands, very coarse texture and slightly irregular grain.
  • Red Ivory is a favourite of the Zulus. It is hard, unusual bright pink to red wood, very attractive with fine, curly grain
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