J1 Blade/Knife Wild Olive


The J1 is a small size, drop point, skinning knife.

This knife is ideal for the serious active hunter and will make every person in the room envois during your general biltong cutting.

The convex curve on the back of the knife, allows for a perfect balance between the blade and the handle.

The large cutting surface on the drop point, tip and edge makes it ideal for skinning of animals.

The bottom of the knife where the bolster and tang meets, has a large curve to support the index finger when gripping the knife. The balanced top of the bolster, allows for a large surface area when pressing down with your thumb and a better cutting and stability support.

The hollow grind on the blade also ensures a long last cutting edge that is easy to re-sharpen.

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Manufactured from a N690 BOHLER stainless steel which has been specifically tempered to 58-59 Rockwell and heat treated for a timeless finish and supreme cutting edge.

If you order 50 or more, you can select a custom wood from our selection as a handle finish, alternatively wild olive is the default wood finish.

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