E1 Blade/Knife Wild Olive


The E1 is a smaller version of the D1. This small drop point knife with its semi curved back, is an ideal utility knife for precision cutting.

The semi curved back gives a well balanced feeling between the blade and the handle.

This is an ideal back up knife, for some one who likes a smaller blade.

At the bottom of the knife where the blade and the tang meets, a large guide curve has been included for a better grip. This is supported by the bolster that allows a larger surface area for the index finger, during the cut and makes the knife much more comfortable to hold.

The hollow grind on the blade also ensures a long lasting cutting edge that is easy to re-sharpen.

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Manufactured from a N690 BOHLER stainless steel which has been specifically tempered to 58-59 Rockwell and heat treated for a timeless finish and supreme cutting edge.

If you order 50 or more, you can select a custom wood from our selection as a handle finish, alternatively wild olive is the default wood finish.